BETA announcements vs. legacy announcements

If you use the legacy announcements and you are migrating to the new beta announcements, it's important to know that there are some key changes.

Global changes

The main change that affects all types of announcements is the removal of channels. Channels were a way to configure announcements in groups, but the concept was confusing. It also didn't allow us to implement the requested feature, per announcement segmentation. With the new announcement, you can assign segments or rules as you can with every other tool in Product Fruits.

The other global change is that any announcement item can be restarted for a particular username. This was a long-awaited feature.

Announcements can be scheduled. All types (except newsfeed) can be scheduled, segmented or filtered based on the current URL.

Popups changes

The biggest change in popups is that they don't show the history anymore. We implemented a new - and more suitable - type of announcement called Newsfeed for this purpose. Popups can be still used as individual announcements and they still provide a great way to communicate promotional content.

Popups are displayed from the oldest to newest. If there are more popups published on the same page, they will be collapsed into a carousel view.

If you're using popups as a changelog, consider migrating to Newsfeed. It can be configured to post toast notifications of unread items.

They are still displayed on top of all Product Fruits content, so users will see them first before tours.

Newsfeed changes

This is a completely new type of announcement. It allows you to post news about your product and display it in several different forms.

  • You can embed the newsfeed widget into your application and display it after clicking on an icon. The typical use case is to have a bell icon with a badge of unread newsfeed items.
  • You can set individual newsfeed items to public. They will then be displayed in the Customer Center (the knowledge base public site).
  • You will be able to display them inside the life ring button (This is currently under development).

Banners changes

Only one banner can be rendered on a particular page. If you publish multiple announcements, users will see the oldest one first and they will get a newer one once they dismiss the previous one. That means announcements won't be stacked on top of each other like they were in legacy announcements. We believe this change will bring more consistent behavior for end-users.

Toast notification changes

The toast notifications are currently not implemented in the beta version.