Users tracking modes

This is available in the Boost plan.

By default, Product Fruits receives and stores user information as you pass it into the JavaScript snippet. Users are updated in real-time and the information is always overwritten. If you want to use our backend API or backend integrations, it wouldn't work well as the backend updates would be changed by frontend ones. You would lose the backend information.

Note: All workspaces created after September 2023 are already switched to this mode.

If your workspace is not already switched, the tracking mode can be switched in the Integrations section, under the Manage User Tracking API section.

If you want to use the backend REST API or one of our backend integrations, you have to switch this setting to Full sync.

In this mode, the user information will only be updated. That means if you don't pass a user property from the frontend JavaScript snippet, it won't be removed from the user.

Note: if you switch this setting to Full sync and enable functionalities that require it, you will be unable to switch back to Front-end only.