AI Tours

Start with Product Fruits AI generated tours for templates, ideas, and complete designs in just minutes! Select the ✨Generate with AI option from the tour template list to begin:

There are two options when generating a complete tour with AI. The "Quick overview" option will generate a tour from the application page you are on, and create it by highlighting the most important parts of the page automatically. Choosing "Introduce features" will allow you to choose when elements you'd like the AI generated tour to highlight. 

Quick Overview

Generates the tour based on the key features of your application:


After reviewing the generated cards, you have several options for the tour. You can see the preview of the tour again, save it as-is, regenerate completely, or discard the AI tour to be re-created immediately: 


If you are satisfied with the result, you can save the tour and then edit it with the Product Fruits editor:


Introduce Features

You can also select the features that you'd like the AI tour to cover. After selecting the "Introduce features" option, click the "Start selecting" prompt and simply highlight and click the elements you'd like to create tour cards for. Once you've decided how many elements to highlight, generate the tour by clicking "Start generating":

The AI will write tour cards for the selected elements:


Note: By default, the tour's URL will be [dynamic], you will need to change this if you'd like the tour to be displayed on a specific page or depending on your use-case