Product Fruits Single-sign on (SSO) Overview

SSO functionality is only available to Product Fruits Enterprise accounts. Our recommended providers are OneLogin, Microsoft, and Okta, although other SAML providers may be added as well.

Requirements for SSO activation: 

You must provide all requested parameters and set up SSO on the identity provider’s side (OneLogin, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, or Okta). After that, the Product Fruits team will enable SSO for you (see the configuration section below). 

Once SSO is enabled and your email address is entered (matching the company domain on the Product Fruits Login page), we will redirect your request to your identity provider, where you will need to enter your credentials. You will then be logged in to Product Fruits using your company identity. 

After that, password validation and additional steps will be performed by your organization's Identity Provider (not by Product Fruits). For example, if your account has configured Multi-factor authentication (MFA) in Product Fruits, we will ignore it since you now need to secure it on your identity provider’s side. If you would like to add access for specific users, you will need to create a policy for it on your identity provider side as well. 

Note: Before you start, get your COMPANY_SSO_IDENTIFIER. You can find it under the user management SSO tab