Zapier integration

Zapier integration allows you to integrate with a vast number of other applications.

You need a Zapier account to use this feature. The Product Fruits Zapier integration is currently in the Beta stage.

If you want to integrate with any application that is not directly supported by Product Fruits native integrations, use Zapier. Product Fruits exposes a few triggers and actions that can be connected to other applications. For example, you fill in a Google Sheets file with survey answers or you can update a property in your CRM if a product tour was finished.

Check all possible triggers and actions here.

The Zapier integration can be accessed either from the Product Fruits Integrations page or directly from the Zapier builder under Product Fruits name.


You need a standard Product Fruits API key to authenticate. Go to Integrations and select API keys. Click on Create new, give it a name and you will get a newly generated key.

In Zapier, when you first choose the Product Fruits integration, click on Connect and use the generated API key.

You should be able to use Zapier now.