Typeform integration

If you want to gather data from your users, the best choice is to use Product Fruits together with Typeform.

How to

You can insert Typeform surveys directly into tours or hints.

  1. Copy your Typeform survey URL and insert it into Typeform content block settings panel. It is important to copy the URL without parameters (after hash - # - sign)
  2. Set desired height of the survey. You have to set the pixel height, it is not possible to set the height automatically based on the survey.
  3. If you want to advance the tour after a user submits the Typeform survey, check the Advance when Typeform is submitted checkbox.

Sending user identification to Typeform

Product Fruits automatically appends user information to Typeform surveys. You just need to add hidden fields starting with pf_ into your Typeform survey. For example:

  • pf_username - a username
  • pf_prop_XXX - a custom property sent to Product Fruits