Segmentation doesn't match

If you get a segmentation warning in the debugger, then the segmentation or rules assigned to the particular Product Fruits content doesn't match the current user information.

It might be right. If your intent is to display the content for a particular segment of users, you can ignore this message.

If the content should be visible, the solution is to check if:

  1. The segment/rules are set properly. Check if you selected the right attributes, operators, or values. There might be a typo in a custom property name or in the property value.
  2. Check if you are passing correct user information to Product Fruits from your application.

Check the user information in Product Fruits

  1. Find your username - switch to the User information panel in the Product Fruits debugger
    This is important because the username used by the Product Fruits script can be different than the username you use to log in to your application or to the Product Fruits administration.
  2. Copy it into the clipboard

Next, go to the Product Fruits administration and open the Tracked Users section. (More --> Users --> Tracked Users)



Use the Username filter and find your user in the table. Click on Detail and you will get all information about the user. The recorded user information is in the right column.