Product Fruits shows only blank cards

Product Fruits support localization in all tools. Read more about that here. Getting blank cards and other Product Fruits content is typical behavior when your language settings mismatch.

If you set up the supported languages and this happens to you, please read the following article.

Check, in which language you entered the content

The first step is to check if you filled your content into the right language. By default, we set the environment to English. For example, in the tours and hints editor, open any card and check the Selected language dropdown:

Sometimes we see that our users enter the content into a different language. If you have this right, please follow to one of the next chapters.

A. I'm using the Chrome extension

Open the extension and find the Product Fruits content language dropdown. This should hold all languages you set as supported ones. Change it to a language in which you entered your content. After you reload, you should see your content.

B. I integrated the JavaScript code

The language of content is decided by a parameter in our JavaScript code. If you get blank content, probably the language code in the snippet doesn't match the language selected in your workspace.

This can be checked by right clicking somewhere in your application, clicking 'inspect' at the bottom, switching to the 'Console' tab of devtools and entering 'window.productFruits'

You should check the value that you see listed here against the languages you have selected in your workspace.

To avoid recreating all of your content, you can leave whatever language you have set as default for now and then use this button on the editor on each card to copy it over to the proper language.


Additional technical details

The language code has to be a standard 2-letter ISO code in lowercase. It has to match one of your Supported Languages. For the regular JavaScript snippet, follow this.

For other installation types, the principle is the same. For React, you should set the language prop, for the GTM installation, you should also update the JavaScript snippet accordingly.