Segmentation rules import

This feature is experimental and it is not enabled for all accounts.

If you want to create a segment with multiple rules, you can also import it from a simple TXT file. Currently, we only support the uploading of user properties; meaning you won't be able to upload a TXT file to create a segment based on devices or custom event status at this time. You can import up to 100 rules (100 rows of text).

If you are in our Boost plan, we strongly recommend using the batch users update instead of this feature.

Getting started

Go to the Segments menu of your workspace, create or open a segment and click on Import rules. If you've created a new segment, you'll need to save it first before the button is accessible.

Note: Importing rules will overwrite any rules you already have saved.


The uploaded TXT file should have the following format:


The userproperty column must contain a property name starting with user. and a technical name of the property. You can find it in Tracked Users.

The operator column contains an operator of the rule. Supported operators are: =, !=, >=, <=, <, >, contains and contains_not.

The last column contains the value of the rule. 

An example of a .txt file ready to be uploaded:

Which will translate in Product Fruits administration: