How to test content before sharing it with your users

Save & Publish to push it to the live site

You must Publish your Tour, Hint or Announcement in order for it to be seen by your audience. When working in the editor, you can Save your work in progress, which wont be seen by anyone until you Publish it.

Testing by Restricting Access

Once Product Fruits has been installed into your application, there are several ways to restrict who can see onboarding content until it is ready. In the Workspace Settings, you can restrict all Product Fruits content to a single domain or specific usernames. Keep in mind this includes content you've already published. These usernames are the same usernames you pass via the JavaScript snippet into Product Fruits. 

You need to use the Product Fruits code snippet, and not just the Product Fruits extension, for restricted access.

Testing via Segmentation

Segmentation is the best way to restrict content, because you can do it for each Tour or Hint group separately. You can create a segment based on your own email domain (or the domain of your company) which will restrict content to users with said email domain. Double check to be sure that you are sending the correct email address to Product Fruits. When you are satisfied, simply remove said segment from the rules to display the content to everyone. 

If you're testing with the "Once per user" tour trigger, be sure to use the "Restart tour for this user" option after viewing the tour on the account you're testing with. 

You need to have implemented the Product Fruits code snippet, not just the Product Fruits extension, for segmentation.

With multiple workspaces and the ability to copy content between them, this is an easy task to tackle. Moreover, it’s simply a matter of figuring out which approach you’d prefer.

The two workspace approach

Another option is to create one workspace for your staging environment and a second workspace for your production/live environment. This allows you to create content on your staging environment which can then be copied over to your production workspace once it’s ready to be shared with the masses.

Please note that checklists and life ring button items can't be copied between workspaces.