Getting started with Product Fruits


  1. Sign-up for a free trial 
  2. Create a workspace 
  3. Install Product Fruits editor extension (Chrome base browsers)

Now you are ready to try Product Fruits. For full functionality, including segmentation, you will usually want to install Product Fruits code snippet later (similar to google analytics for example). But for the testing purposes, you typically use the Product Fruits extension.

Three tabs setup

We recommend you work in three tabs set up in the browser.

1. Administration - to set up the look & feel of cards, rules for tours, etc.

2. Editor in Edit mode - to edit the content (using the PF extension)

3A. Editor in Full Preview mode - to preview the content (using the PF extension)

3B. Your Application - to preview the content (after you insert the PF code snippet, you don't use PF extension in Full Preview mode)

Full Preview mode

You can Preview the content you are editing directly in the editor tab, but in the Full Preview you can check all types of content - you can start Tours from the Hint, check the Life Ring button, etc. After you install the PF code snippet you won't use the Full Preview anymore, you will use your application directly. In order to see all content via Full Preview, you have to turn on the Full Preview in the extension: