Installation to Angular

You can use our NPM package in Angular.


The installation and initialization process is the same as for the NPM package. Please, follow this article.

Considerations - important

You have to find the right place where to initialize Product Fruits. Consider this:

  • The current user information (like the username or other properties) must be available
  • It cannot be inside of individual routes. Product Fruits must be initialized only once per the whole application.
  • Check if our URL change detection works with your Angular version. If not, follow the Single-page applications section in the NPM package installation article.
  • If your project uses a library for CSS scoping, it probably generates dynamic CSS classes like ng-a9fp3q. This will make issues with tours and hints as they use CSS selectors for targeting. If there are no other stable attributes, consider this.

Example application

We have this example application available on GitHub.