Secure your knowledge base

The Product Fruits knowledge base supports 3 different types of content protection.

Authentication methods

Before you can use any mode of restricted access, you have to tell us which authentication methods you want to use. If no method is selected, then nobody will be able to see them.

  • Through workspace User Identity Verification - Articles will be accessible with the User Identity Verification feature enabled. You can use this mode if you want to keep your articles visible only for users of your application but you don't want to create separate logins for your users just for knowledge base purposes. Read more here.
  • SSO - Allow this option if you have your own identity provider and you want to enable SSO access. This feature is a part of our Enterprise plan.
  • Email/password access - This option will allow you to create email/password accounts just for the knowledge base access. For example, you can use this mode if you want to grant access to the knowledge base to just your employees.

Access management

Public access + selected articles protected

In this mode, the knowledge base pages are public and can be accessed by anyone.

However, you can mark individual articles as Protected. Then those articles will be displayed only to verified users.

All articles protected

This will make the full knowledge base protected, and no one will be able to access it without verification. This will also protect the Announcements Public News section.