Feedback Widget Overview

Have suggestions and experiences from your users forwarded directly to you.

The feedback widget is a powerful tool that can be utilized to directly receive opinions and insights from your users who have first-hand experience using your application. Collecting feedback can be used to best know how to improve your product or services by enhancing your understanding of the needs of your users, boost your onboarding experience, and improve product decisions. 

With the feedback widget, your users can send screenshots and videos directly from your application and explain them in detail at the same time. 

There are three settings sections for the Feedback widget: In the General section, you can choose the fields to display on your widget, configure your launcher button, choose how you'd like the feedback to be sent to you, and filter which URLs you'd like the widget to display on. In Localization, you can edit all the text fields on the widget and pop-up window, and in Appearance, you can choose display colours of the widget and pop-up. 



The general settings for the Feedback widget define how you'd like it to function. By default the feedback is forwarded to your feedback inbox, found along the left side of the interface.


The feedback widget can be launched by its own button, by API, and from the Lifering button - your single access point for all things support:


In the Features section, you can choose which items are enabled on your Feedback widget pop-up:

You can disable or enable the text field, and if you'd like the users to be able to attach screenshots and videos. This is also where you will choose how you'd like the video recorded, with either HTML Capture or Screen recording capture. 

Click here for more information on the different types. 


Launcher button

In the Launcher button section, you can toggle whether you'd like the button to display or not:


 In Notifications, you can choose how you will receive the feedback. Connect your Slack here, or enable e-mail or webhook. You can also enable screenshot and video links to be viewed anonymously:

  • If the anonymous option is enabled, users who aren't logged into Product Fruits can access video and screenshot links.
  • If the anonymous option is disabled, users will be required to log into Product Fruits to access them.

When you enable e-mail, you are given the option to specify the e-mail address it is sent to, as well as what you'd like the subject line to read:

You can also choose to mark the feedback as solved automatically in the Product Fruits feedback inbox and assign a unique sender e-mail address.

The 'Assign unique sender e-mail address' toggle works by including the users' email address (if you're passing it to us) in the 'reply to' header in the email that is sent to the address that you specify.  This way, your email client can take the email found in the 'reply to' header and automatically fill in the destination email address. Unfortunately, not all email platforms (including CRMs like Hubspot and Salesfroce) support taking the information from the 'reply to' header, so you'll need to test if it works in your set up.

When you enable webhook: 

This is where the webhook security token will be displayed, in addition to the toggle if you'd like the feedback to be marked as solved automatically in the Product Fruits feedback inbox. 

With the dropdown here, you can choose the webhook method and also the URL destination of the webhook. 


Targeting in the Feedback widget is used to filter which URLs it will display on. Don't add any for it to display on all pages that your Product Fruits workspace is installed on.

You can also specify a URL which you'd like to hide the Feedback widget on: 

Note: You can only choose one URL Filtering option. Either 'show' on a set of URLs or 'hide' on a set of URLs.


You can make the Feedback widget unique to your application! In Localization you can edit all the default texts for the Feedback widget and set different texts for different languages.

Launcher text

Customize the launcher button text here:

Pop-up texts

You can customize all the texts on the feedback widget in these sections:


Want to make the colours of the Feedback widget match your application? In Appearance, you can change both the Launcher button colours and the pop-up colours. 

Launcher button & Pop-up windows

In addition to customizing colours, you can also customize the launcher button's offset from the bottom of the screen here: