Product Fruits Billing

Product Fruits Billing

Product Fruits has three main pricing tiers: Core, Boost, and Enterprise. 


Each tier comes with its own set of available features, but all of our pricing tiers operate on the same basic principle which is the number of unique monthly active users of your application. On our pricing page you can adjust your own application's estimated monthly active users and see how your pricing would be affected in real time. 

Monthly Active Users

We are frequently asked how we are able to distinguish unique monthly users and how we are able to ensure that we are not counting the same user twice. We cover our fair billing policy on our pricing page, but it is important to note we count each unique user only once per monthlong billing period. 

As part of the installation process of Product Fruits, we require that a username or email be passed to Product Fruits. This ensures not only that we are only counting each individual user once per your monthly active user count, but also that we are not showing content to the same user multiple times or upon every login. If your application does not require authentication please review this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I have a large team who will be working to implement Product Fruits on my application. Does that mean that I will be charged for each of these users?

A: We do not charge you for the number of users on your Product Fruits workspace. You are allowed to have as many users on your Product Fruits workspace as you want. The monthly active user account comes from unique user logins to your application itself. Many of our clients have several team members who work on and test Product Fruits content on their application and do not experience problems going over their monthly active user count because of this. 

Q: What happens if I go over my monthly active users? Will I automatically be charged for a higher tier? 

A: If you go over your monthly active user count, you will not be automatically charged for the increase, but a representative from our client success department will reach out to you to discuss how you'd like to proceed. 


Q: I'm not exactly sure how many users will visit my application in a given month. How should I decide which amount of Monthly Active Users will be appropriate for my application?

A: Both our Core and Boost plans allow for up to 1,500 users per month. If you are using an analytics platform for your application you can check the reported monthly users of your application there to get an idea of how many users your application receives. If you are interested in a custom quote, please reach out to us!


Q: What if we end up wanting more features? Can we upgrade at any time? 

A: Yes, if you're paying by credit card this can be performed on the billing page in your account. 


Q: What if we overestimate the amount of users or features that we need? Can we downgrade? 

A: Yes, but we won't be able to offer a refund. 


Q: How does billing work? Can we pay with a credit card or do we need to pay with a bank transfer? Is it monthly or yearly? 

A: Payment by credit card is preferred, but we can also accept invoices for amounts greater than $500.