SSO with JumpCloud

What we need before beginning

  1. IDP URL (Step 10 in customer configuration below)
  2. A Certificate (Step 9 in customer configuration below)
  3. An email Domain(s)

Customer configuration with JumpCloud 

  1. Access the JumpCloud Administrator Console at (you need to be an admin to setup SSO)

  3. Click ( + Add New Application ) to configure a new application.

  4. Search for Auth0, then click configure.

  5. Enter a Display Label in the General Info tab. Optionally, you can enter a description and adjust the logo shown for the application.

  6. Select the SSO tab

  7. Set these parameters to the following values:

    IdP Entity ID:
    SP Entity ID: urn:auth0:productfruits:{SSO-IDENTIFIER}

    (You can find Product Fruits COMPANY_SSO_IDENTIFIER under the user management SSO tab) 

  8. Click on Activate (Confirm setup)

  9. Download the certificate (please provide this to Product Fruits support)

  10. Under SSO tab copy tho IDP URL (please provide this to Product Fruits support)

  11. After setup you need to add a user to the specific group and enable this group for the newly created Product Fruits application. Save your changes!

  12. Keep attributes mapping as it is. By default, it is email to email.