Pop-ups overview

Pop-ups are great for displaying important information or promos, but remember, they are very intrusive to users. Pop-ups are loaded immediately on top of everything else (when the segmentation or URL match).

Based on our experience, pop-ups should be used for the most important announcements that you don't want being overlooked by users. If you want to publish a regular changelog, check the Newsfeed announcement type. It is designed to serve news and changes.

Pop-ups first

Pop-ups are designed to be visible on top of other content. For example, if your user hasn't seen tours yet, they will be loaded in the background and the pop-up will be rendered over them.

Multiple pop-ups behavior

If there are multiple pop-ups visible on the same page (they all match the segmentation and URL filters), we group them into a carousel view as shown in the image.

Pop-ups are ordered from newest to the oldest. This means that the first visible popup is always the newest followed by older, unread pop-ups that user can browse through. 

They can use the master close button (in the top right corner of the above screenshot) to mark all announcements as read. It is important to note that while you will see all of these announcements as viewed in Insights, we cannot guarantee that a user has viewed all of them.