This JS API provides you access to checklists. Access methods on this object:



markItemAsDone(internalId, expand)

Marks an item by its internalId as completed. The internalId parameter has to be set in the Product Fruits administration. If you set expand to true, it will open the popup with checklist items

injectToElement(checklistId, element, options = { checkEligibility: boolean })

If the Display Mode is set to Embedded, call this method to inject the checklist into your element. You must pass a JS HTML element, not a CSS selector.

The last parameter is optional. You can pass options. Currently, we support the checkEligibility parameter which does segmentation evaluation and the checklist will be injected only if the segmentation of the checklist matches.


This method returns a Promise. It checks if the checklist rules/assigned segment matches. The return values are eligible or not_eligible. In the case the checklist is already disposed, you will get disposed.

The result is cached for a short time.


Returns an array of active checklists and their states. Object properties are id, name, items, state. Possible states are not_touched (the checklist is waiting for the first interaction from the user), finished and in_progress

It also returns an array of checklist items and their states. You will get id (a PF-generated ID), internalId (for API-driven items), title (object with titles, language codes as keys), state properties. Possible states are done, open (for ordered checklists, the item which is currently unlocked), tbd (locked items in ordered checklists, non-completed items in unordered checklists).

Please note, that if the checklist is finished and dismissed (closed) by the user, it won't be returned from this API. There is currently no way to get a list of completed/dismissed checklists via JS API.

listen(event, callback)

Listens to an event that occurs on tours. See the next section to get event names.



Argument id, internalId

Fired when the user launches the item.


Argument id, internalId

Fired when the user completes the item.


Argument id, reason

Fired when the checklist is dismissed. The reason argument can be one of not-completed or completed.