Test in Chrome based browsers without installation

If you want to try Product Fruits and you don't have the resources for inserting our JavaScript code snippet into your application, you can install our Product Fruits extension and try it directly in your browser. The extension features are slightly limited (e.g. you can't use segmentation), but it is a great way to start with Product Fruits.

If you are creating a new workspace, you can choose the Chrome Extension path in the wizard and it will guide you through all of the steps.

If you joined an existing workspace, follow this:

  1. Install our Chrome extension
  2. Log in to Product Fruits account. Navigate to the application where you'd like to build onboarding content. and after login, click on the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar (it may be folded under the puzzle icon).
  3. Select the workspace name that corrospands to the application you're working on
  4. Select 'Edit' to begin editing and creating onboarding content or 'Full preview' to simulate how the content will appear for your users once the code is fully installed into your application.

Potential issues

The Chrome extension serves as the first step for testing Product Fruits. However, some features can be limited because proper JavaScript integration is needed. For example:

  • Segmentation won't work as randomly generted identies are used instead of your application data.
  • URL filtering is limited.
  • If your application uses particular front-end frameworks, tour triggers might be limited.