Share product tours by link

Start a Product Fruits tour by appending a query parameter to the end of a URL that you share with your users.

Tours can be shared or sent by a link. This works by sending your users a link to the page where the tour starts, and appending a query parameter to the end of it that willl tell Product Fruits to try to start a specified tour. Product Fruits needs to be installed into the application for this to work.

How to create a shareable tour link

  1. To start, you'll need to get the ID of the tour you're looking to share by link. The easiest way to do this is to navigate to the tour in the Product Fruits administration. Once you've done this, the tour link can be found in the URL of the page. For example if you've opened the tour settings by clicking on the desired tour, and the browser URL reads: then the tour ID is 65649.
  2. Next, we'll need the URL that the tour normally starts on. You can get this by launching the editor and checking the URL template of the first step of the tour. Chances are this will be a relative URL (not including the domain name), so you'll need to prepend that to the beginning. To continue our example from above, if the domain is and the tour is meant to start on the /dashboard page, then the URL where the tour starts is
  3. Finally we take the URL that we got in the last step and append the ?pf_start_tour=TOURID query parameter to the end of it, replacing TOURID with the tour id that we found in the first step. So, to finish the example, we would send users  Unfortunately, if you following this url a tour won't actually start as Product Fruits isn't installed into this page.

Possible issues

If your application routing is removing query parameters (e.g. there is redirect/URL rewrite triggered by your application) before Product Fruits is loaded, the tour will not start. In these cases, we are not able to detect the pf_start_tour parameter.