Share product tours by link

Tours can be shared or sent by a link.

How to create a tour link

  • Get the tour ID by going to the tour settings and copying the last number in the URL (e.g. if the URL is then the tour ID is 123456).
  • Append the pf_start_tour parameter to the end of the URL of your application. The format for this is ?pf_start_tour=xxxxxx

For example, if your application URL is with the tour ID 123456, the final link should look like this: 

You can copy and share these links with your users.

Possible issues

If your application routing is removing query parameters (e.g. there is redirect/URL rewrite triggered by your application) before Product Fruits is loaded, the tour will not start. In these cases, we are not able to detect the pf_start_tour parameter.