Custom initialization options

Product Fruits can be loaded with a few different options, passed as part of the init action. The use of these will determine how Product Fruits behaves. Please refer to the methods below for more information.

An example of initializing with an option in the NPM package can be seen here and for the react NPM package can be seen here.


It turns off the URL change detection, forcing you to update Product Fruits manually that the URL has changed, as described here.


When a banner is displayed, we move the layout to make space for the banner. If this option is set to true, this doesn't happen and it is up to you to make the space for the banner using our JS API.


Enables custom routing, which is described here.


Hide the built-in Life Ring Button launcher. You can then use your custom launcher or use the JS API to show the button when it is needed. This is described here.