API domain:

Create a new feedback record

Resource: POST /v1/feedback

    "username": "username.of.the.user", // REQUIRED
    "text": "Text of the feedback", // REQUIRED
    "environmentInfo": {
    	"userAgent": "Identification string"

This endpoint creates a new feedback record.


Feedback can be sent to a defined webhook. Go to Widgets -> Feedback -> Integrations to enable the webhook integration. This integration doesn't need any API key. We will include the pfruits_security_token query parameter in the webhook URL that will hold a secret token. This token will be generated once you save the webhook URL in the administration.

The webhook payload will consist of the following properties:

	"type": "webhook:newfeedback",
    "data": {
		"projectCode": "the code of your workspace",
		"text": "text of the feedback",
		"authorName": "John Smith",
		"authorEmail": "",
		"authorUsername": "john.smith",
		"screenshotsUrls": ['url1', 'url2'],
		"videoDataUrls": ['url1', 'url2'],
		"createdAt": "2022-08-12T20:55:18",
		/* Values of the following properties are gathered from the browser */
		"environmentInfo": {
            "url": window.location.href,
            "viewportWidth": window.innerWidth,
            "viewportHeight": window.innerHeight,
            "appCodeName": navigator.appCodeName,
            "appName": navigator.appName,
            "appVersion": navigator.appVersion,
            "cookieEnabled": navigator.cookieEnabled,
            "deviceMemory": navigator.deviceMemory,
            "doNotTrack": navigator.doNotTrack,
            "hardwareConcurrency": navigator.hardwareConcurrency,
            "language": navigator.language,
            "maxTouchPoints": navigator.maxTouchPoints,
            "onLine": navigator.onLine,
            "platform": navigator.platform,
            "product": navigator.product,
            "productSub": navigator.productSub,
            "userAgent": navigator.userAgent,
            "vendor": navigator.vendor,
            "vendorSub": navigator.vendorSub