Banners Overview

Display important information or updates to your users in a prominent location of your application. Banners can be used to display alerts about site maintenance, promotions, new features, policy changes, or urgent messages.

Creating a banner

Navigate to the In-app content section of Product Fruits and select "Banners". Here, you can create your first banner to display on your webpage:



In the banner content section, you will edit the banner content and determine the functionality of your banner. This is where you can add an action link to introduce what is being announced, choose how and if the banner can be dismissed, and add the style and positioning:

Floating banner:


Inline banner:



In the banner settings, you can configure the Triggers, Targeting, and restart the banner for users in Admin tools. This is similar to other Product Fruits content except that announcements have New user behavior and an option to repeat the announcement a set number of times. 

The "Do not display for users who signed up after publication" feature can be toggled to prevent showing announcements to users who have recently signed up and are probably still busy with their initial onboarding experience.  Prevent overwhelming new sign-ups with information while focusing on the core features of your application before displaying banners to them. 

In this section you can also choose to display this banner each day until it is viewed a specific number of times. This can be used for particularly important announcements that you want to ensure your users view and understand. 


Set the banner background color in the Appearance section. The text color is determined by the chosen background color:


Banner scheduling

Schedule a banner to be displayed in the future, and for a specific date range with the scheduling option. If this is not selected, the banner will display immediately and for an infinite amount of time: