When setting up segmentation for tours and announcements, it is important to keep different possibilities in mind. For example, depending on which properties you pass to Product Fruits, you can segment by username, sign up date, and even whether the user is a paying customer or on a free trial. This means you can show content to specific users if you so choose. There are two different ways to locate properties to segment with.  

Locating information about yourself

Perhaps you only want a tour appearing for yourself (and not your users) for testing purposes. For this, you'll need to know how to look up the information for your user account. A common point of confusion is when the username in Product Fruits is different from the username on your website/application.

To find your user information, you can use the Live Debugger. Once it is launched, switch to the User information tab. 

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After you've obtained the username value (Dv9r4yVV in the example above), you can go to your tour settings and create the following custom rule:


Once this is saved, you can publish the tour. The tour will now appear exclusively for you. If you would like to see the tour again, you can use the Admin tools feature to either restart the tour for all users, or for your username alone. Since the tour is only segmented for one user, both buttons will have the same effect. 

Locating information about your users

Of course, it's also possible to segment user properties. It all depends on what information is being passed to Product Fruits from your application. You can review which properties your users consist of by checking the ‘Tracked Users’ section of Product Fruits. Clicking on the detail button for a particular user will display what information Product Fruits is being passed, and therefore what it can segment from.

For example, the custom rule below would set the tour to begin only for users that both belong to the role "paid" and have finished the "Orientation" tour.

Example of Segmentation

Signed up after a certain date

The rule below will only apply to users who have signed up after a certain date. This is perfect if you only want tours showing to new users that signed up after a given time period.