Custom Events Overview

This feature is part of our Boost tier. It will be available to you on your free trial - if you're already our customer then message us and we'll activate it for you so you can try it.

A feature we offer is being able to track users' actions and having this activity influence Product Fruits behavior. We call this functionality custom events. 

An example

You may want a tour to begin once a user has completed a certain action. With custom events this is easy. The first step is to go to the Events Tracking section of your workplace settings. Once here, create an event group. Open the editor and select an element on your page. At the moment you can track what users click on. We're looking to expand this functionality soon but our JavaScript API may be able to help you in the meantime. Now that an element has been selected, save and exit the editor.

Now, let's go to the workspace tour tab. Here we can create a new tour. In the editor, we'll only make it a one card dialog tour. In the Tour trigger section, leave 'Once per user' selected. In the Display for section, select custom rules, add a condition, and instead of user property change it to Event, and enter the event that we created in the last paragraph. Further refinement is possible, but let's keep things simple for now and publish the tour. Now, to test it, we can go to our application and click on the element that we made the custom event for. The tour should begin. 

Uses cases

These custom events can be used to start tours, and cause hints and checklists to appear.