How to get adoption feedback from users

Every product should be driven by feedback. Product Fruits bring different tools that will allow you to get users' opinions.

What is the Adoption meter?

The adoption meter allows you to get a rating + follow-up answers from your users. It is a widget with 5 emoticons and a text input that will appear after the user selects an emoticon.

Adoption meter can be placed on tour and hint cards. It is a type of section, you will find it under the green plus button when you are editing the card.

How to set up the adoption meter

You can adjust different settings like:

  • The question above the emoticon ratings
  • The follow-up question - will be visible after the user selects a rating
  • Advance action
    • If a dedicated send button should be visible
    • If the feedback is sent when the tour advance/the hint is closed
  • Tag - this is an internal name of the rating


The Tag option is important. Because we allow you to create as many adoption meters as you need, you would typically want to get ratings and answers from your users grouped.

When you setup different adoption meters with different tags, you will end up with a similar chart in the Feedback Inbox:

As you can see, we used widget and feature name as tags. After users will start sending the feedback, you will get the ratings grouped properly.

If you want to get the follow-up answers, click on the tag name in the chart. A popup with useful information will appear. We also do NPS calculations.