Full Preview vs. viewing published content

Beyond using the in-editor preview mode, there are two primary ways of viewing tours when using Product Fruits: Full preview mode and simply viewing published content on your live website. While both are similar to each other, they share a few key differences. 

Full Preview is a built-in feature of the Product Fruits extension. It must be triggered from the extension. Full Preview will allow you to experience the tour you've built without having to publish it first. 

Once Full Preview has been activated, the following dropdown will appear with an option to Debug & Troubleshoot: 

In the case of a bug or conflict in the tour you are trying to preview, the Full Preview option will be replaced by a Debug and Troubleshoot option to aid you in resolving the conflict.

In addition to using Full Preview to test a potential tour, there is the option to privately view a published tour to see what it will look like in production. To do this, you will first need to navigate to the tour you want to publish in the administration and establish Custom rules that restrict access to the tour to a specific username that you have access to. 

Once this is done, simply navigate to the Tours tab in administration, publish the tour, and navigate to the URL to test. 

Both Full Preview and viewing published content allow you to test and review Product Fruits tours, but each option has differing levels of control, access, and flexibility. For any questions or inquiries surrounding this topic, feel free to contact us via the Life Ring Button chat or schedule a Tech Consultation here: Select a Date & Time - Calendly