Features overview

The Welcome Tour

I want users to understand the value of our product immediately

Use Welcome Tours to welcome new users & introduce your product, summarize your unique selling propositions, and EXCITE them!

  • Add videos via YouTube or Vimeo
  • Share testimonials
  • Deliver a call to action
  • Use 2-4 cards maximum!

Feature Tours

I need to explain to users how to use our product

Build step-by-step tours for the most important parts of your app.

  • Add a tour for each logical section or important feature of your product
  • Direct users between application URLs to highlight useful pages

Hints (Tooltips)

I need to show users information about our product features

Use Hints to explain product features to your users. Tours are seen once, while hints are permanent.

  • Add descriptions, links, animated gifs, and videos
  • Launch tours or surveys
  • Add as many hints as you need


Our users are not sure which steps they should take during onboarding

Create an onboarding checklist that includes the steps you want users to take:
1. Take these tours
2. See this video
3. Read this article
4. etc.

  • Provide instant gratification to create motivation for completing the remaining items
  • Identify high-value customers that completed all onboarding steps as well as those who might need assistance
  • Tailor checklists to specific segments or personas

In-app Announcements

We need to communicate product news, release notes, webinars, etc. to our users

Users don't read newsletters; you want to communicate with them when they are using your product.

  • Notify users about new features and updates in your application’s newsfeed
  • Invite users to webinars
  • Target announcements to specific personas (beta testers, trialists, admins, etc.)


Ask users exactly what you want to know and apply this knowledge to your application

Surveys can be implemented to receive users' opinions and ideas, receive feedback, and conduct market research

  • Enhance the user experience using their own opinions
  • Receive new ideas for product improvement
  • Add branching to avoid irrelevant questions and improve engagement

The Life Ring Button (Help Center)

Our users aren't sure where to find information, send feedback, or communicate with us

Use our Life Ring as a single point of contact for anything your user needs.

  • Allow users to replay tours
  • Add your demo schedule
  • Add knowledge base articles
  • Add chat, newsfeed, and feedback tabs

Feedback Widget

Receive suggestions and feedback directly from your users

With our feedback widget, users can communicate and report ideas or bugs

  • Use our dedicated launcher or add it to the Lifering button
  • Users can express their thoughts and opinions
  • See the results in the administration or send them to your Customer Relationship Manager

Knowledge Base

We need an intelligent repository of articles

Let users access your knowledge base articles directly from the Life Ring Button or a Hint icon!

  • Powerful WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor helps you to create any content
  • Make your support content easily accessible anywhere in your app or on the web.