Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager Integration

When Google Analytics 4 is installed via Google Tag Manager some additional set up is required in GTM for sending the analytics events from the data layer of GA4 into GA4.

1. The first step is getting in touch with us, as we have to enable some alternative functionality for your account.

2. You must then create a trigger of the type 'custom event' in your Google Tag Manager settings. All of the events listed here will have "Pfruits - " prepended to them. To avoid making many events, it would be best to use the built-in regex settings.

3. Lastly, you must make a new Google Analytics 4 event tag in Google Tag Manager. For the Event name field, simply put {{Event}}. In the end, it should look about how it does below.

Publish your changes and you should now be seeing your Product Fruits Analytics events tracked in Google Analytics.