Newsfeed overview

The newsfeed is a special type of announcement that can be displayed in several places. Learn more about it in this article.

When you deploy a change in your application or have an interesting update for your users, the Newsfeed might be the right tool for you to use.

It allows you to publish content and keep a history of past announcements that can be viewed by users.

Where can my users see the Newsfeed?

The newsfeed embeddable widget

You can embed the Newsfeed widget into your application. It will create a notification panel similar to Facebook or LinkedIn notifications. Users can access it when they click on the dedicated button. This provides seamless integration with your UX. Read more about embedding here.

Public view - Customer Center

Newsfeed items can be also set to public. These items are visible in the Customer Center (the Knowledge base public page). Anonymous users can explore them, and they can both be indexed by search engines and improve your SEO. Read more about public Newsfeed.

Life Ring Button

This feature is currently under development. Newsfeed items will get their place in the in-app Life Ring Button.