Public newsfeed and changelog

This feature is available in the Boost plan.

Newsfeed items can be displayed publicly in the Customer Center (the knowledge base public site). That means the items will be visible to anonymous visitors. This acts as another way to improve your SEO and inform potential users about changes and new features in your application.

If you use segmentation, it is important to remember that it will be only applied inside your application. Public items won't be segmented and will be visible to all visitors. This is because we don't receive any user information for anonymous visitors. 

How to post a public newsfeed item

Create a new newsfeed item and enable the Make it public in Customer Center switch.

Before you publish your first public newsfeed item, go to Knowledge base -> Customer portal settings -> Features and menu items and turn on the Enable newsfeed switch. This will enable the Newsfeed section in the customer center.

Public content overriding

You have the option to override the content for public view. By default, we will compose the public content as follows:

  • The short content will be used as the title
  • The more details popup content will be used as text. If you don't display more details for the particular newsfeed item, then only the title will be visible

The Override public content feature will allow you to use unique content for public view.