Surveys overview


Surveys are an exciting feature that allow you to gather feedback from your users in a number of different ways. When creating a new survey, you will be presented with a number of options based on the purpose or need you have in mind. “Small” and “Large” surveys are built from scratch (i.e. you are responsible for building these from the ground up), but there are also templates with pre-built content that will help save time with some of the initial steps, such as NPS, a Welcome Survey, and a Product Rating. 

Once you have selected a survey type, you’ll notice an option for “Question type” listed on the left hand side of the screen.

Each category of Question type (Rating, Text input, Selection, and Message to users) comes with a set choices for customizing your surveys according to your needs. 

You can see a breakdown of each of these categories and their respective choices in the links below: 


This reviews the Emoticon, Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Numeric scale question types. 

Text input

This reviews the Single and Multi-line text question types


This reviews the Single and Multi choice question types

Message to users

Message to users reviews mid or closing messages you can relay to your users

Survey settings

Beyond that, there are a few more options in the survey settings that will help you customize, which you can see highlighted in the screenshot below: 



The Trigger section works similarly to Tours, allowing you to show your surveys once per user, manually (such as after the click of a button), or periodically, which will separate tours by a given number of days after publishing. The "Once per user" option also comes with the ability to delay the survey's appearance through the display delay, which can be useful if you don't want to spring a survey onto your user the moment they land on your page.


Segmentation works exactly as it does in other parts of Product Fruits, allowing you to control which users your survey is shown to. You can read more about segmentation in our article here. 


URL Filtering

You can also filter for specific URLs instead of users if you so choose: 


Survey Reset

Lastly, you have the survey reset tool. This is a big help when testing a new survey (you'll need to reset frequently if you're completing a "Once per user" survey over and over) as well as resetting it at a user's request or for any other purpose. 



Schedule a survey to be displayed in the future, and for a specific date and time range with the scheduling option. It is possible to select the user's timezone, or choose from any timezone in the world. If this is not selected, the survey will display immediately and for an infinite amount of time: